Break a Leg !
At the end of may 2000 Axel unfortunately brok his right leg when our big 28" old and hevy TV fell over his legs. Gitte was out for one of her many meetings with DKUUG and had forgotten her mobile phone and Joh was in the our office working when it happend. Of cource Axel cried a lot every time he tried to walk on his right leg and when Gitte came home she imidiately called the night docter. He said to come and see him straight away.

When we came to the Hospital the doctor looked at Axels leg and said we had to go straight on to the casualty ward in the next town for X-Rays. When we got there we waited for about hour before we were called in to see the docter. He wanted to X-Ray Axels leg as it might be broken. John took Axel in for the X-Ray and Axel cried and cried.and after that we waited another hour before we were told that the leg was broken. Axels leg had to be put in a white cast for a week at first. Then we had to come back for another X-Ray and then then docter would know a bit more about how long Axel had to wear the cast. As it turned out Axel had to wear another cast for aprox 4-5 weeks and then another X-Ray to tell us that he was fine. But even though Axel had a broken leg he still knew how to smile !















But as you can see Axel had no problem geting out and about. We went to a flee market and of course they had a tivoli there with cars, aeroplanes and other amousements for children.













As you can see in the picture we chose the blue cast for Axel. (to match the house :-))