Mixed pictures from 2000
Sean is a chip of the old block in regards to cycling. John had just finished his training when Sean wanted to try as well og his bike. We had great weather i April that year.













In the beginning of May we went to see mormor and morfar. We went sailing for the first time in their boat and Sean did the "driving". Unfortunately he pushed the gas handle to the max and gave us all a big fright. And Sean gor a big fright because he hadn't realised wat he did. But we all came home safely.













At the end of May we went for a small trip to Malahide. John's father had been diagnosed with brain canser and had an operation 5 months before so. We had already decieded to spend our sommer holiday in Malahide that year so we would be back 1 months later. The boys are in the kitchen i Paula and Michaels house i Castle Knock.









In August Gunner, Anne-Lene and Kim came to see us.







Here we have Axel eating his breakfast with Barney..