Axel's 5th birthday
Thursday 4th September 2003 was Axel's 5th birthday. This year mormor and morfar come over to see us. The took the train for a change, and as mormor had done that on her own a few times she was able to tell morfar which S-train to catch to get to Birkerod. They arrived already on the Thursday so they were able to come with the boys to their football training. Unfortunately morfar forgot his camera for Axel's training so there is no picture of him. Here you have the new Sean Bechham.












Even though it was Axel's birthday mormor and morfar also had a small present for Sean. A game of Uno that he knows very well from his after school club. Unfortunately Daddy had to go to work so he wasn't able to be home that day and Sean had to go to school. Axel stayed at home all day and played some games with mormor.



















Picture time with mormor and Axel, morfar and Axel and Sean and morfar. And of course Axel and Sean together. After dinner Daddy did the dishes.







After mormor and morfar had gone back to Jutland Axel invited his Kindtergarden home to celabrate his birthday. The all came to see him on the 12th September at 10 olock. First they played with all the toys and they had lunch. Hot Dogs, Danish meat balls and vegetables. They were all siting and the floor and enjoyed them selves. After lunch Axel got his present - a book with a drawing from each child in his class. Sean had taken the day of from school - He wouldn't miss it for the world.