Autumn Holiday 2003
Every year the Autumn Holiday is in week 42 in October and this year we ALL took the week off since we only had two weeks of Summer Holiday. As John liked to put it - this was his 3rd week of Summer Holiday even though it was a bit late.

We started off going to Jutland to see Pia and Carsten in Tjareborg just outside Esbjerg. We stayed there for a couple of days. Pia and Carsten have two children Caroline who was 8 in April this year and Christoffer who is about 1 year old. Sean And Caroline hit it off straight away.







The 2nd day we went of to Legoland as it was only ½ hour away. It was a nice sunny day in October and we all had a great day. We only had to wait in line for 5-10 minuts every time we wanted to try something. Not like last time where we had to wait 45-60 minutes.













Here you have the boys after their facial.






The following day we left Pia and Carsten and went to Rønbjerg near Løgstør. It's a great waterpark with all sorts of aktivities for both children and adults. We were going to stay there from manday to friday.  Photographs from Rønbjerg