Sean's weekend trip with the school in May 2003
At the end of May Sean's class went of on a small weekend trip where they stayed in a small cabin in the forrest. They all had a great time.








All the children had a nice barbeque with beef burgers, sausages and bread.





A day at the Flea Market in August 2003
Gitte had got together a few things that we didn't need any more and Sean and Axel wanted to make some money to buy new toys, So we went to the local flea market in Birkerod. And we ended up doing quit well and made kr. 400 on things we would had thrown out anyway. And Sean was a very good helper. Of course he was the one that wanted to get new toys. But it was very hard not to spend any of the money we made because some of the others had some very nice toys as well.