New Year in Ireland 2003
After having spend Christmas in Jutland with mormor and morfar we went on to Ireland. Blaithnaid and Paul were getting married 3rd January 2004 in Glasnevin.
This time we stayed at Joanne and Daimien's place i Malahide. The first night we went to the pub with Paul's friend for a few pints.

The next day Joanne had a little get-to-gether for the family and the new in-laws. During the afternoon we went to the church in Glasnevin for rehersal of the marrige.
John was Paul's best man so ofcource he had to be there.

On Wednesday we took the children ice skating in Dublin. They had a great time. Though Axel prefered the sledge more.













Thursday was a day off we thought but Paul wanted to go out for a drink. I promised to babysitt Emma and the others while the others went out. Friday we were all asked over to Pauls and Michael's  place for drinks and food. We had a great time. I love these get-to-gethers with the Irish crowd.







Here we have Masie and Phil. Next we have Tom, Paddy and Paul - the grome and last but not least Maurice, Asling, Joanne and of Mary.

Tune in for more photos of the Irish crowd and the Wedding......