Sean's 7th birthday with his class.

Friday the 28th March 2003 was Sean's 7th birthday and all the boys from both his class and the parallel class came home for the party. It was a nice mild day and the boys could play in the garden. We had put the bouncing castle up and there was table soccer and real football. The boys played with the different toys, but the bouncing castle attracted the most attention.













And then is was time for buns. Gitte baked 80 of them and buttered them all. That was a hit with the lads. The 80 buns disappeared within 15 minutes. Axel took the day off from the kindergarden and was at the party too.



















The boys continued playing until it was time for the birthday cake.

As the boys had been playing in the garden for a few hours they started moving indoors, and soon found computer, playstation, looping louis,
guns and of course Axels small spidermen and the like.













But Sean didn't get his birthday present from mormor and morfar yet. So it was time to rip apart. And he got a great remote controlled car. 







Even though it was Sean's birthday, Axel also got a present. Daddy helped him unpack it.

The following day was chill out time, and Sean and Axel had an ice cream, while the rest of us enjoyed a cool beer.

It was a great birthday.