Maisies 70th Birthday 7th October 2004

Maisie, 70 years old today, although she does not look a day over 29. She got so many presents and cards. We were all invited to celerate the occation in Faithlegg, Waterford from the 7-10 October 2004. 25 of us were summoned to celebrate Maisie D'Arcy for 3 days and we all had a great time.


At 7.40 Thursday the 7th October there was Mass. After that we had breakfast in Maisies house.






After Maises visit to the salon for a hair do we packed the car and went off to Faithlegg in Waterford. People kept comming all afternoon and in the evening. And of course they all had something to eat, nicely prepared by Maisie.








Here you see Tony, Paula, Mary, Patty, Nora, Maisie, Maurice, Margaret, Blaithnaid, Ester, Tom, Phil








Here we are all singing happy birthday for the first time and the children help blowing out all the candles. But The Lee's hadn't arrived yet so we had to wait.








Now the cake is lit for the second time and Maisie is giving a lovely speach. Liam is singing his lovely song about Eileen.








Friday night we had arranged a lovely dinner at Faithlegg Hotel. Maisie is here with all her grandchildren and her brother Maurice and sisters Ester and Patty.








And of course photos of the men and women.








And last but not least Maisie's lovely children Joanne. John, Michael and Paul. At dinner we have Maisie and John, Mary and Maurice.








Here we have Ester and Liam, Phil and Paddy and Patty.








Here we have Joanne and Damien, Blaithnaid and Paul, Nora and Tom.








Behind the big plant you see John and Gitte. The children had there own table. Again Maisie had a birthday cake and Emma was the first to blow out the candles.








On saturday afternoon Paul wanted us all to go and see this beautiful view in Lismore and as he said "it's only just up the road". It took a good 1 hours to get there. We didn't have any lunch before we left and all we could get in Lismore was a toasted ham and cheese and a pint. After that we went to Vee to see the view and this is what it looked like. Tom and Nora, Paddy, Paul and Blathnaid and us went there and we just made it back in time for dinner at the Golf Club.








Just next to where we stayed we found Irelands only flyover pub - Jack Meade's. A nice little pub with a good pint. The boys enjoyed the donkey on the roof. Sean rekoned is was a nice restaurant.








When is was time to return to Malahide Sean and Axel wouldn't' mind driving Paul's big van.








And last but not least - the group photo.








Back in Malahide we went to see Malahide castle. Inside we did the guided tour before we went to the playground. After that we went back into the castle for tea and scones.