Summer holidays 2004


Friday 18th June at 9 o’clock we were on our way to Italy. Kim Larsen was playing “Nana” and we were all singing along. As last year we had decided to go to Lake Garda or to be precise Pescheria del Garda. Torben Falholt had kindly let us borrow the Honda again this year. The weather was nice and dry – well at least some of the way. Driving through Germany we had heavy showers and John even had to slow downJ.

We have just got a new digital camera so you will be seeing a LOT of photographs this year – hopefully all good.




















We stopped for lunch at the same Raststätte as last year, funnily enough.









 This year we arrived in Fulda at about 6 o’clock as scheduled because we were lucky not to get stuck in any queues on the motorway. Before the boys went off to sleep they watch Lucky Luke on the pc.

















The next day it took us about ½ hour before we found our way back to the motorway. But after that we were on our way to Italy. The boys did well in the car even though it was hard to sit still for so many hours. And we arrived in Pescheria del Garda just before 6 o’clock. We had a hard time finding the Bella Italia campsite but we found it eventually. After unpacking and dinner we went for a walk and Axel was very anxious to get into the play area. But as it was rather late we thought it best to hit the sack, and he got very disappointed.











Sunday 20th June started out nice and dry and the boys went for their first swim in the pool. But around lunch time we had the first rain shower. We had a lot of rain that day. The boys where still looking forward to five o’clock where the play area opened and they could go and play but unfortunately the it didn’t open that day because of the rain. Axel was very disappointed.








Monday 21st June started out grey and cloudy but before we knew it the sun came through. We went to the pool area and stayed there the most of the day. Even though the boys had great fun in the pool and on the water slides they waited all day for the play area to open at five o’clock. They had now been waiting very long they thought to get into the play area with the bouncing castles and trampoline and what not.  Sean and Axel quickly met a new friend called Mathias from Hjorring, Jutland. They had great fun. When Mathias had to go home for his dinner the boys came home too and they agreed to meet again afterwards. When Mathias came over the boys went out to play football and they all met a new friend - Søren from across the street.









































After the football came they wanted to back to the play area but Søren hadn’t any money to get in. The boys were talking about what to do in order to smuggle Søren in side and they wouldn’t just leave him like that. But then John took mercy on them and gave Søren the money to get in. They all had a great time together.















Gitte went to get an aerobic lesson which turned out to be one of two.














Tuesday 22nd June started out great – lots of sun from early morning. We did not take part in the morning race to get loungers by the pool and of course we were lucky to get chairs when we got there just after 10 o’clock. John and Sean went to see if they were able to play tennis. Sean had decided that he wanted to play tennis with his dad. They weren’t able to get a booking until the afternoon so they came back shortly afterwards.

Axel and I stayed by the pool and looked for somebody to leave their loungers. And we were lucky just after John and Sean returned. We took lots of photographs by the pool and in the pool. The boys had a new shark to play with in the pool and they had great fun. A small lizard visited us during the afternoon and sat quite still while it had its photo taken.































John and Sean had booked a tennis court at 3 o’clock so we all decided to go there. Axel wasn’t amused so Axel and I went for an ice cream. It was very important for Axel that Sean wasn’t getting one because he was playing tennis with John.








When we were getting dinner ready Mathias came by to play with the boys. Apparently he had already been by to look for the boys but we weren’t at our Casa Mobile. They all wanted to go to the bouncing castles but Mathias didn’t have any money. But that wasn’t a problem thought Axel because he had his money and he could just give some of his to Mathias. So be it. And off they went. Later on Mathias’s mother came by to return Axel’s money. New friends and good play area’s are great babysitters J


Wednesday 23rd June started out grayish. John and the boys went for a game of football. It turned out to be a match between Denmark and Italy. And Denmark won J


After that they went of to the pool and I worked on my studies. Later on I joined the lads with food and drinks for lunch. John organized dinner with the boys and I went for my aerobic class. I turned out to be the only one there. John went to see where Mathias lived so we were able to find the lads if we had to.


Later on Mathias joined the boys and they went of to the bouncing castles. We picked them all up later on and went for and ice cream where we met Mathias’s father who invited us home for a genuine Danish bear. Mathias’s parents are Jan and Pia. The boys came to bed late that night.















Thursday 24th June was just another day at the pool. Mathias came by and Sean and him had a game of "the Game of Denmark". In the afternoon we went to look for a big Supermercato which we had spotted the day we arrived when we were looking to our camp site. After that the boys saw Lucky Luke on John’s laptop.




























Friday 25th June we had decided to go sight seeing. We wanted to visit a small winery museum just north of Lazise. Just as w left thunder and rain came along but only very shortly. As per usual we couldn’t find it but we made it in the end. The winery had a small museum as well and we were able to se how they made wine before and how they corked the bottle. We tasted a few Valpolicellas, Bardolinos and Saove but we decided to bring back a couple of Amarones that won a prize in 2000 and was ready to drink now and onwards.




























After that we visited a small Olive oil museum and bought some very nice Balcamico and Olive oil. And while I was queuing up to pay somebody kept asking for Danish Danish! It turned out that a car from Berlin had bumped into our car and left in a hurry without leaving his name. But a lot of very helpful Germans took his registration number and gave it to John. Nothing much had happened but all the same it was very kind of them to help us. After that we went back to Bella Italia Camping. Pia and Jan came over for a beer in the evening and we had great fun. The boys were of to the bouncing castle. Because of the strong wind we had to move inside the mobile home. Just as they were off thunder and lightning started and shortly afterwards heavy showers came down on us. All though we had all gone to bed I didn’t like the strong wind that shook the mobile home. I got up and looked out the window just as the wind blew our pavilion over. So John and I had to go outside in the pouring rain to take it down before it blew away altogether.


More photographs.......