Blaithnaid and Paul's Wedding 2004
Finaly the big day came when Blaithnaid and Paul were getting married. Every body were dressing up for the big event.  The boys and girls where finally allowed to wear their new clothes.







At the church Paul and John were waiting and Sean and Axel were glad to see John again. He had gone down to Maisie's to help Paul get ready for his big day. And finally Blaithnaid arrived. Frank walked her up the aisle and she seemed very excited. Before they took their vows they each lit a candle to symbolise that they were two individuals.







After promissing each other eternal love they lit one candle together as a sign that they now were one.








And to finallise the wedding they all had to sign the marrige licens.






And here we have Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy.


Party time.......