Summer Holidays 2005 - Lake Garda


Finally, the day has come, June 24th - only 6 months to Christmas. We where off on our yearly summer holidays. We choose to go to Lake Garda in Italy again this year, but only for one week. We had decided again on Pescheria del Garda, but took a new camplig site - Camping del Garda. The second week we decided to go on a Mediterraen cruise, but more about that later.


We started off from Birkerød just after 8:00 in the morning. We arrived in Rødby at 10:00 and made the first ferry to Germany @ 10:15. It was a lovely crossing in calm seas and sunny weather. On the ferry we bought some "stuff" for our overnight stay in Fulda, Germany and some cheap coke for the boys.


Just as we where coming off the ferry and where about to pick up speed a women cyclist was unfortunatly knocked down by a dormobile just two cars in front of us. And she stayed down. People abandoned their cars to run and help, so we decided to move on as everything seemed under control. So the honda was pointed south and we where on our way. We had checked before leaving so we had an idea of where the roadworks where in Germany. Thanks for the tip Anne-Lene. 


Luckily we missed the roadworks north of Hamburg as we came to Germany through Puttgarden. First, when we reached Hannover, we got stuck in a queue. However, it didnøt take too long and we where on our way again. At about 13:30 it was time to tank up. There was a queue at the tank station as well :-(. While we waited the car was running so the boys could see the rest of the movie they where watching on the PC. We also had a small fridge in the back which also used power. So there wasn't too much left in the battery when we finished our lunch. So when we tried to start to get on our way again, no more juice in the battery :-(. We asked around to see if anybody had start cables, but no, so John ran up to the shop and bought some. We met a Danish family from Fyn who said they would help us get going again. So, with a little delay we where on our way again.







Next stop Fulda. We reached our usual hotel (Holiday Inn), but what a heatwave. At least 30 degrees and no wind. We had dinner at the pizzeria across the road from the hotel. Back at our room we could either choose between the noise on the street or melt with closed windows. We melted a little until the boys fell asleep and they opened for some air and some niose.


Next morning after a good nights sleep and a great breakfast we where off again. It went really well. Almost no traffic, and with John driving we where quickly an hour ahead of schedule. But then we reached Munich. It took us 1½ hours to drive 50km. A little bit of a hassle, but heh, we're on holidays and had plenty of time. We drove on through Austria and through the Brennerpass and reached Lake Garda an hour later than originally planned. Now we just had to finf Camping del Garda. We called Jan and Pia who where at Camping del Garda with Mathias and Niklas (our friends from Hjøring) and we reached our destination. Jan and Pia had invited us for dinner that night, so we didn't have to think of that on the first day. Great. We unpacked and went over to them.


Sunday the 26th was judged pool-day. The boys slept until 8:00 - amazing. As soon as the morning ritual was finished, we put on some suntan lotion and off to the swimming pool. Even though we where only there for a few hours Axel and Sean where getting sun burnt, so they had to put on their t-shirts. After luch we relaxed and the boys had a great time runnig around the camp site. We went shopping for dinner and of course grabbed some vegatables and fruit. Its so healthy :-). Later John went to the pool with the boys while Gitte unpacked some more.











































On Monday the 27th. we drove into Pecheria as there was a market in there. We had promised the boys CSC cycling jerseys. Unfortunatly, they had none, but a few football jerseys seemed to satisfy them (for now :-). We tried a cycling shops also but to no avail. now Axel had had enough and wanted to go back to the site and hop in the pool. The temperature had crawled up to 37 degrees. So we spent a few hours by the pool until we went back to the mobile home for lunch. We had just finished, and the boys where relaxing watching a film when Mathias came over and wanted to go swimming. So they went off swimming and Gitte and John went to do some shopping. Jan and Pia and there boys came by and we had another enjoyable evening with them.








































Tuesday the 28th we went to Gardaland. The boys could manage a few hours in the swimming pool before we set off, as we decided to go at around 2 o'clock. Pia and Jan where there last year and they suggested that we go there together. At about 14:00 we arrived. The temperature was around 35 degrees and it was WARM. The boys had a great time. Pia and Jan knew their way around from last year, so they made sure that we came to as many activities as possible without walking too much. GardaLand is Europes largest tivioli. It was really nice. A huge pyramid over ground led to a lovely trip in the history of Egypt, pharoes, Sfinx, sargofager and much more. We where ina safari in the jungle with Tarzen and all the animals. We where undergound in a pirates cave and saw a whole pirate town underground. There where also lots of shows, we could go in and see: a dolfin show, magic bubbles, dog show and a show on ice. At about 18:00 John and Jan went back to the car to get some more water and soda. On the way back they could see that the temperature had fallen to33 degrees. As they where doing that Niklas and Gitte went for a go in one of the rollercoasters. It was Gittes first go in a roller coaster with 2 loops and 2 360 degree twists. There was loads of other activities we where on and we finished up with a trip on a train around GardaLand at around 23:00. The temperature had fallen to 27 degrees.









































And the big guys went for a trip in airplane and saw everything from above.





















Ice show. It was nice and cool in there.





















Then a trip in the jungle with loads of animals and Tarzen.





















The next show was the dolphins.








































Then a little break for the tired little legs, before going on to the bubble show in another air-conditioned room.





















Now it started getting late. Unfortunatly, we never got to the knights castle and see them fight with lances, but maybe next year.






















Wednesday the 29th started a little cloudy. It was a welcome break after all the sun the previous few days. There was a market in Lazise and we decided to go there to see if we could find some cycle jerseys for the boys. The clouds quickly disappeared and we went around Lazise in 35 degrees. And just as they where about to give up, Axel cried "See, theres CSC jerseys". We hadn't enough cash with us for the cycling shorts but the market was moving up to Bardolino next day and we could drive up there and buy them. While we where there we dropped into Lenotti to look at some wine. After lunch Mathias came by and went swimming with the boys. That evening we ate at the restuarant in camping del garda. On the way there some thunder was in the air. But we reckoned that we could finish before the heavens opened. We ate and the boys ran up ahead to play with the slot machines and computer games. When we arrived Sean proudly presented us with all the money he had won. The boys waited there while we went back to the mobile home and took everything in before the rain came. The wind started to blow pretty violently, so John ran down and got the boys. Sean came back and gave Gitte a teddy bear he had won, which Gitte said he couldn't win. Well done Sean. Before the storm was finished the electricity disappeared a few times and at about 21:00 we could turn on the air con again. But the monsun rain must have being a problem for the people in tents.  


Even though we slept on that morning we where still tired after GardaLand, so we went to bed early. during the night another storm passed with violent winds and monsoon rain.







Thursday the 30th June started a little cooler - around 20 degrees. That was nice. But by the time it was lunch it was really warm again. We went to Bardolino to collect the shorts for the boys. The afternoon was spent by the pool. that evening we went over to Jan and Pia to drink "leftovers". 








































Friday the 1st July was the first day we had to eat breakfast indoors because of the rain. Luckily, it quickly cleared up and we could come out again. The temperature stayed around the 20 degrees until about lunch time. Then it went up again to 30-35 degrees. That afternoon we had a last pool visit. Saturday we where off to Venice on our cruise. We had to pack and get ready for the trip.


Our trip to Lake Garda had been a great sucsess, yet again.