Christmas 2006


Christmas 2006 was held at my parents place. In Denmark we celebrate Christmas 24th December in the evening where we have Christmas dinner, sing carols and get our presents.
And for the first time in many years we would be together with my sister and brother and most of their family.The only ons missing were Kaspar and Martin - my brother's two boys.


Sean and Axel thought it was the longest day ever. At first they watched som TV before they helped morfar decorate the Christmas tree.
Unfortunately the star for the Christmas tree had gone missing, so morfar fixed one out of tin foil.







































Then we did all the food preparations and set the table before we went for a walk. Axel was very displeased and very reluctanly went with us.







































When we came back we changed into our best Christmas clothes.







































And then it was finally time for dinner at around 6 o'clock.







































After dinner we cleared the table and then it was time to dance around the Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols.







































And as the last song we did "Now it's Christmas again" and formed a long line and went in to all the rooms in order to sing in Christmas.




















And then is was finally time for Christmas presents.


The next day the 25th December we all went to my sisters place for Christmas lunch. The amount of food tha was served was ubelivable. We all had a great day.
The photographs from that day have been censured for the sake of national security.