Mid term break 2006 - Ireland


After our 4 day visit to Edinburgh we went on to Malahide to visit the Irish crowd. We spent the day with Maisie, Michael, Paula and Emma.

It was great to see them all again.


The next day we helped Blaithnaid decorate the room where Paul was to have his 40th birthday.
Maisie, Lil, Ursula, Phil and my self are enjoying one single drink at a time.





















No party without a birthday cake. Pauls cake was a lovely strawberry cheesecake.





















Sorry about the lighting but Maisie, Joanne, Lil and Ester were having a great time at the party as well as every body else.





















The next day (saturday) we went to Dublin to see Paul and Blaithnaid og go for a walk around the Botanic Gardens.
Some of us went for a drink in the oldest pub in Dublin. And nothing has been changed since it opened i 1883.
The Gravedigger is owned by John Kavanagh.























The tables were very old and rough looking. One table was made from an old table from a Singer sewing machine

















On saturday night the clan went out for a lovely meal in Caio - an Italian restaurant with a lovely view  over the marina in Malahide.







































As we were finishing our meal, the bell rang and the waiters came out with a birthdaycake for Paul - a catapillar.




















Sunday was spent at Maisies. We had a lovely Sunday dinner with the rest of the family.


On Monday morning it was time to go back to Birkeroed. We ended up spending 6 hours at the airport before we got on the flight to Copenhagen.






Sean and Axel passed the waiting time with cardgames, books and whar ever game they could think of.