Summer Cottage in Hou, Denmark


Sunday 16. July we arrived safely straight from 2 weeks in Italy in Hou, Denmark where Bente and Sprolle had borrowed a summer cottage from some of their friends. Mun and dad, Peter, Kaspar and Martin where there also so we all could celebrate John's 45th birthday. As you can see we had great weather.


We had a great day. Mum and dad went home for the night but the rest stayed the night. Peter and the boys left early the next morning because they were going sailing in their holiday.














































































Monday we had a nice relaxing day. Bente had to go back to their house in Kjaersholm to feed the cats and the fish. We sailed on a small ferry at Hals-Egense. In the afternoon we went for a walk in Hou to a fleemarket by the marina where we had lunch.


The next day mum and dad came back and went for a drive. First we went to Kjaersholm to cut the grass. Sean and Axel did a nice job of that.





















The we went on to the next town to find a nice place to have our lunch. For dessert we had a huge ice cone. And Sprolle had the biggest you could possibly imagine.





















Sean and Axel had waffeles. Afterwards we went to se Ester and Kaj - my dad's half sister. This was the first time we met them.





















We got on the ferry Hals-Egense to get back to the summer cottage where Sprolle took Axel for a spin on his scooter. Axel loved it.




















On Wednesday we went back to Birkeroed.