Summer Holidays 2006 - Lake Garda week 1


Summer holidays at last. After successfully finishing my HF exam and receiving my "student diploma" at a mature age, it was preparation and suitcase packing on the agenda. Fredag the 30th June at 7:48 we started our jouney from Stenhøjgårdsvej 33B and headed towards Rødby ferry and then on to Lake Garda in Italy. We started off and John had his new Garmin GPS to make it easy to find our way. We reached out first destination at Rødby at 10:15. On the ferry we bought some stuff for the trip and the boys bought their Euro chocalate just like last year. They didn't forget them. Axel counted his "money" while John and Axel where checking out the GPS.





















Arrived safely in Puttgarden and then the long trip through Germany. We grabbed lunch at the same place where our battery ran dry last year. At the exit to Wüzburg we hit some road works, but with a little detour of 10 minutes and with a lot of help from the GPS we where back on track again. We arrived as planned at a little Gasthouse just outside Fulda, which we found last year. They had built an extension with lovely new family rooms. We had dinner at the restuarant together with 3-4 other danish families, who had also found their way to the little Gasthouse in the country.





















Shortly before 9 the next morning we set off towards Italy. Even though we ran into a few queues we arrived on time in Camping du Parc (thanx Garmin :-)). The Kristiansen family had already arrived an hour earlier and had a mobile home just across from us. That was great. So we atarted unpacking. It was really warm and the humidity was high. We where very happy with our "casa mobil". There was even bedclothes, so we didn't have to bring our own. When the unpacking was done the boys managed a swim before the pool closed. After dinner Gunner and Anne-Lene came by for a lovely cold beer and a chat.


Sunday was relaxation by the pool. The pool opened at 10:00 and the boys couldn't wait to get up to the pool. After lunch the boys could finally buy something in the bar. Later the Kristiansens turned up. They had lunch at their favourite restuarant. The rest of the afternoon all three boys played together. After lunch we went for a walk to the lake. Sean and Kim did a lot of diving but Axel didn't like getting sand between his toes. That evening we had a bar-b-que.










































And the boys had even time for an ice cream before dinner.
















Monday was another day by the pool. Anne-Lene and Gunner went for a drive to Affi to do some shopping, so Kim stayed with us by the pool. That afternoon, over a few pints, we decided to go for someting to eat together in Lazise that evening.



























































Tuesday we decided to go to Lenotti in Bardolino and buy a few cases of wine. We bought a few Murlongo Lugana, which was for the local market only, an Amarone and some new wine. When the Lugana was cold enough that afternoon, it had to be tasted. A lovely young fresh wine. It was Axels turn to decide what we should have for dinner so we went down to the restuarant on the camping complex. There was loads of people there. Germany and Italy whre playing the semi-final of the world cup in football. Italy won 2-0 after extra time.





















Wednesday was a day to mark up in the calander. Axel slept until 10:00 o'clock. When he finally woke up we all went for a walk to the market in Lazise, which is held every Wednesday. The boys got  some toys and I had a look at some sandals and bags, but as usual didn't buy anything. Besides a few football jerseys for Rasmus and Emil we didn't buy anything. On the way home from Lazise we passed an african guy selling figures carved in wood. When I stopped asked the price og a horse it cost 150 euro. That was too expensive so we walked on, but he continued to reduce the price until it was down to 40 euro. Some reduction.





















When we came home we had some lunch and then went off to the lake and rented a pedalo with a slide for an hour. The boys had great fun. We "cycled" out a bit and dived into the water. Sean just jumped in but Axel had to think about it for a while, but then he was in all the time. Great fun. Afterwards we went to the pool for a while and it was Seans turn to decide what we should have for dinner. So we went to the same restuarant as yesterday.  














































































After dinner we went with Anne-Lene and Gunner and all the kids down to the beach and played Vikingspil. The boys won. The evening finished off at our place where we tasted a lovely white wine which AL + G bought earlier that day. BTW: France won 2-0 against Portugal.





















Thursday we slept late and John didn't get his daily newspaper. Not so good because that meant that he couldn't follow the Tour of France. It was bad enough not having a television. After breakfast we played scrabble, whie we decided what we where going to do that day. John and the boys went up to reception to find a washing machine. The while towels really needed to be washed. While John and the boys went to the pool I did the washing. After lunch we decided to go to the Safari park about 5km away. Our camping  site in Lazise was actually very central to a lot of activities around Lake Garda. As usual the boys didn't want to come, but really enjoyed it as soon as we got there. We saw a lot of different animals really close up. Over by the lions and tigers one of the tigers was just sitting on the road. The pictures where taken with the window closed, just in case.







































































































































Afterwards we went up to the Zoo beside the Safari but it was very expensive so we decided just to get an ice cream and go home. We got a small rucksack for buying 3 ice creams. Great.


Back at the "ranch" the boys went up to the pool with Kim and John and I enjoyed a cold Lugano with a little crustini and different types of pesto. That evening we started the bar-be-que again an had a few steaks and some vegatbales. After a game of scrabble we went down to the beack for an ice cream. All of a sudden there was terrible storm so we rushed back to the mobile home to secure everything. A lot of sand was blown up from the beach which made it very difficult to see.





















On Friday it rained most of the morning so it wasn't so easy to go swimming. We decided to drive and see if we could find a wine producer called Campagnola. We found the place OK (thanx Garmin) but they didn't sell any wine. On the way up we passed Masi. So we went in there instead. That evening we had a bar-be-que with Anna-Lene and Gunner. The men looked after the bar-be-que and the women did the rest.



























































That was the first week in Lazise - a great week. Very relaxing and we saw a lot. The second week was just as good. Wanna read about it ?