Summer holidays 2006 - Lake Garda week 2


It was Saturday the 8th July and we decided to go to Garda Land for the day  together with the Kristiansen Family. We headed off straight after breakfast and arrived at GardaLand at about 10:30. The first thing we tried was Albero di Prezzemole - the extraordinary tree house. It was some experience. We where strapped in. The chairs started to move and the walls moved in the opposite direction, and created the illusion that the chairs where moving back and forth and that we where standing on our heads. Phew!





















After that we needed something more relaxing. The boys went on the Volaplano - small airplanes on a track about 3 metres above the ground. It took a while in the queue before the boys could get on.





















IT was a hot day so we had to cool down with a cold beer. Gunner filmed all the time for his Lake Garda epic :-). When we reached Africa we went on Safari and saw Tunga, the wild animal and medicine man.
































































































It was warm. We went in to the Galla Ice dance show. Unfortunatly, it was difficult to take pictures of the show. Just like last year a clown entertained before the show started. He started throwing cakes to the crowd and Sean got one.





















Next stop was Il Cosari - The fearless pirates ready to fight. A beautiful universe underground with pirates, towns, and much more.








































After that we went for lunch. We found a really nice Italian restuarant - Locanda del Cosaro Nero just beside the pirate ship. We liked it so much that we decided to have dinner there.





















Efter en passende siesta var turen kommet til pyramiden Le Valle dei Re. Igen et flot univers skabt under jorden. Desværre blev billederne derfra ikke så gode.








































The Peter Pan ships. It was only Axel, Kim and yours truly who tried it. it was fun.




















































































































The day ended with a trip in the train TransGardaland Express. At 22:30 we where back at Camping Du Parc - tired and very sweaty.


Sunday was "chill out" day. John took Kim and the boys for a trip in the pedalino, so they could hop in the water. Thay had great fun. Late afternoon we where up at the pool before we changed for dinner and ready for the World Cup final between Italy and France. It was a great match and the restuarant was full up. As soon as Italy won then the place went mad. Car horns started beeping, poice cars, ambulances sirens where going.





























































Wednesday started nie and easy. John went down to the lake with the boys. We went into Lazise to the market.


That afternoon we decided to see if we could find Tomassi and buy some wine together with Gunner and Anne-Lene. We found it. It wasn't a big shop but we went into the office asked if we could buy some wine. And as you can see we bought a few cases.





















Thursday we drove to Bardolino to visit Lenotti.





















Friday was time to pack. Now it exciting to see if there was room after all the wine we had bought.





















Saturday we got up early and at 7:00 the gates opened and we could head off for hannover. As soon as we hit Germany we ran into a queue. Took 1 hour to drive 10km. At 19:00 we reached our hotel. After a good dinner and a film on the PC it was bed time. Great to sleep in a real bed again.


Sunday morning was nice and easy. It was Johns birthday. We drove to Jutland to a place called Hou to a summer house with Bente and Sprolle.


Søndag morgen tog vi det stille og roligt. John havde fødselsdag. Fik et godt morgenmåltid inden vi rullede videre nordpå til Hou og Bente og Sprolle. The summer House