The building of our new carport


First week

On Wednesday 3rd January we agreed on the price with the contracter Byg & Design. They expected the project to take about a months time and that they would start Monday morning the 8th January removing the old carport. At the end of the first day three men had already taken down a lot of the old one.




















At the end of the third day (Wednesday) it was all gone.




















Because of the weather the builders were unable to do anything the next two days.


Second week

Monday 15. Januar they started working on the foundation.





















At the end of week 2 the builders were well on their way with the foundation.





















Third week - 22.-26. January

Nothing much happened in that week. There was a lot of snow and some og the builders were home sick.





















Fourth week - 29. January - 2. February

On Monday morning the bricklayer quit his job so the carpenters had to finish the rest of the foundation. Apparently he wasn't doing a very god job anyway.

At the end of the Monday things were picking up again.





















By Wednesday it looked much better. They had even started making the frames for the walls in the shed.





















By Thursday they had almost finished the floor in the shed.





















And at the end of Friday that week the carpenters had begun putting up the frames for the walls.





















Fifth week - 5. - 9. February

This week the builders made the foundation in to our neighbour. That wasn't part of the originally plan but we wanted it anyway because it would look nicer and it would be easier to put down the teils again later on. It was a good thing that they could do this because there was a minor discrepancy between the arcitect and the builders. The carport would end up being higher than according to the plan. For one thing the slope on the roof was incorrect on the plan and the builders said it had to be 15 degrees.  Then the arcitect ended up having to ask the kommune who in turn had to ask the neighbours if they minded.





















By Thursday the had started working on the fence while they waited for the go ahead with the roof.





















Friday the put up the wooden beam to hold the roof. That was very heavy to put up but they made it.





















Sixth week - 12. - 16. February

This week we went away to Malahilde, Ireland to visit the family and see Conor Michael D'Arcy - the latest newcommer in the D'Arcy clan.

And by the time we got back to Birkerød the fence and the walls were almost done.






















Seventh week - 19. - 23. February


Forgot to take any photographs this week.



Eightth week - 26. February - 2. March


Forgot to take any photographs this week.



Nineth week - 5. - 9. March

Now the roof construction is up. It took a while becuse there was a minor discrepency between the arcitect and the builders.

But once that was sorted things were speeding up again.





















Tenth week - 12. - 16. March

By the end of the tenth week the roof teils were up and things were looking great.





















Ellevth week - 19. - 23. March

The carpenters had finnished their work and Phillip, Martin and Jacob did a great job with our carport. We are very pleased with their work.





Our carport was build by

Sloth Enterprise A/S,

Kuldyssen 15

2630 Tåstrup

tlf. 7021 6162