Sean's 11th Birthday


On the 28th March 2007 we celebrated Sean's 11th birthday. We had breakfast together and Sean opened all his presents.
Sean had pancakes for breakfast.




















After breakfast he had to go to school where all his classmates sang an English birthday song. Sean had to stand up on the chair when he did it.
And then he opened his present from all of them and told them about all his birthdaypresents so far.




















We all went out for dinner that night on the new Chinese Restaurant in out home town.


2 weeks later Sean had his birthday with the boys from his class. He had decided to team up with Christian from his class and that they were all going to
The Toyal Danish Naval Museeum (Orlogsmuseet) in Copenhagen. We went by bus, train and metro to get there.


First they all visited part of a submarine and exprienced how little space there is on a submarine. The kitchen was tiny. The submarine is called
Spækhuggeren and it was active until 1989.













































































After the sumarine the boys heard and saw some of the clothes that the sailiors use to wear in the old days.







































Then it was time to dress up as pirates before they all sat down and listened to the true story about the Spanish canon Anton is sitting on.
And the heard stories about the different pirat flags and how to read the signs on the flags.







































Back in the gally the all sat down for bread and birthday cake!!




















A visit to the Royal Danish Naval Museeum is definitely worth a visit espcially if you want to celebrate at birthday with boys.