Summer Holiday 2007 at Lake Garda, Italy - first week


Finally the day came – 2nd July 2007 – and we were off on our summer holidays. As usual we were off to Italy and Lake Garda. This year we were going to Lazise the same place we stayed at last year. We were meeting Anne-Lene, Gunner and Kim there. They had left for Lazise three days before us. We left Birkeroed, as planed, at 7.30 and the weather was fine. We had had all weekend to pack so we were good and ready to get away for 2 weeks of sun, great Italian wine and food. The boys were looking forward to doing a lot of swimming in the pool and the lake with Kim.


We got to Roedby as planed 9.30 and got in line to buy the ticket for the ferry. But unfortunately (again) we had to wait behind a car from Sweden. Like last year the Swedes take for ever to buy their ticket. I don’t know why. It is very annoying. Last year we missed our departure and had to wait another ½ hour because of that. Fortunately this wasn’t the case this year.





















We got safely across to Puttgarden in Germany and started our long drive through Germany to Austria before we would get to Italy. The traffic was fine – not that many cars on the motorway. At least, not until we reached Hamburg. It took about 40 min. to pass Hamburg and all the roadworks the Germans always have there.


Just as we passed Hamburg the GPS voice said 344 km to next turn!! Imagine having to drive that long straight ahead. And this is the 5th time we are doing it!!


We reached Fulda and our hotel as planed and we even got the same room as last year. After a game of Scrabble we had dinner in the restaurant and then we went for a walk. It was a lovely evening and the sun was shining. Not like in Denmark were it was pouring rain. 





















After a great nights sleep we left Fulda at 9 o’clock the next morning and expected to reach our destination Camping du Parc at around 5 o’clock.





















At around 1 o’clock it was time for lunch and a break. The weather was great and we had an ice cream before we were back on the German motorway again. We had passed Munich without getting stuck in any traffic jams. That was nice.





















The houses are now looking more Austrian than German and we could see the mountains now.


The boys were singing out loud listening to their music. Need I say that they were two different songs. J


We arrived as planed at Camping du Parc. They were waiting for us at the reception. Apparently we were the last ones they expected that day. We got Maxi caravan no 5 and Anne-Lene and Gunner were in no 27. So we weren’t far apart. We went over for a cold drink before we started to unpack every thing. After having unpacked everything Anne-Lene had made dinner for us. That was nice that we didn’t have to think about that. To wash it all down we had a very nice Pinot Grigio Rosé and for dessert we had a nice glass of Ricioto. A very nice start to our to weeks stay in Camping du Parc.


The next morning (4th July) we had a nice breakfast. But the boys were very anxious to go swimming so before 10 they had their fist swim in the lake. Afterwards we went to the pool. We had a nice relaxing day. John and I did a bit of shopping. Just as we got to the supermarket the rain and thunder started. It was just a very quick shower. The boys were very good. They took everything inside so it didn’t get wet.





















Before we went out for dinner we had a beer by the beach with Anne-Lene and Gunner. For dinner we all went to the lovely restaurant under the big tree in Lazise.





















Thursday (5th July) was another relaxing day. We rented a bicycle boat with a slide and went for a small spin on the Lake. It was a bit windy and the boys thought it was great. Nothing much happened that day apart from swimming and sun bathing. John and I had a very nice Lugana white wine for lunch. For dinner we had a barbeque and another lovely bottle of wine.



























































Later on Anne-Lene and Gunner came over for a chat and a glass of wine.


Friday (6th July) started out very slowly with a late breakfast before the boys headed for the pool and afterwards a swim in the lake. During the afternoon we had a game of scrabble. The winner was Axel assisted by me who won 5 Euro. This was the fist day the temperature was over 30° C.  The highest temperature that day was 31° C.








































Saturday (7-7-7) we got on the boat from Lazise to Sirmione. Coming in to Sirmione we passed Grotte di Catullo. It isn't a real cave but the ruin of a large Roman house looking like a cave. In Sirmione we had a lovely lunch. Axel picked out the restaurant for us. And a very nice choice it was.  





















After lunch we went for a stroll in the narrow alleys in Sirmione. Here Sean and Axel fed the birds. They came very close to their hands.

The restaurant Piccolo Castello is where we had a lovely dinner with Joanne and Damien 5 years ago.








































While we waited for the boat back to Lazise we the boys had an ice creme. Gaius Valerius Catullus is just by the lake.

Comming back to Lazise we passed the Scaligero castle with 5 towers from the 11th century with the old walls around Lazise.























For dinner we had a nice barbeque.

The temperature that day reached 33.5° C.
















Sunday (8th July) we decided to have another lazy day in the sun. The boys went over to Kim to play. Later on we stayed at the pool for an hour or two. Anne-Lene and Gunner came over for dinner and we had a nice barbeque. The boys played with the ball and the men did the washing up.



























































Monday (9th July) the boys wanted to go to a place called Benacus – a big amusement centre with bowling, go cart, laser guns and many other things for entertainment. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it so we went to the zoo and safari park instead. The Dinosaur garden had loo- a-like dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes as you can see. When we went though the safari park we saw an ostrich with three chickens. They were so small. The rhinoceros had just had their lunch which gave us a chance to photograph them real close. On our way back to the caravan we passed Benacus and marked the address for another day. For dinner we went to Lazise with our friends.







We had dinner in Lazise with Anne-Lene, Gunner and Kim. On our way back we stopped to see the show.





That was the first week in Lazise - a great week. Very relaxing. The second week was just as good. Want to read about it?