Summer Holiday 2007 at Lake Garda, Italy - Second week


Tuesday (10th July) we had a terrible storm, rain and thunder during the night. We were very glad that we werenít staying in a tent that night. Luckily we went to bed late and saw the storm coming so we where prepared. We were unable to sleep for a few hours but the boys slept though it all.




After breakfast we went on a wine tour with Anne-Lene and Gunner and got some very nice wines from Nicolis and Tommasi. It was very hard to find Nicolis. The GPS led us astray but we got there eventually by the back roads. We visited a few other wineries but we didnít buy anything there. After lunch we spent some time by the pool before we went out for dinner. We all watched Terminater 2 before we went of to bed.  Once again we had heavy rain during the night.


Wednesday (11th July) was market day in Lazise. After breakfast we all went there. The boys got new sunglasses, Sean new cycling gloves, Axel a new bracelet and John a windbreaker for his cycling. Who didnít get anything? Ė Me! J We all went back to our Maxi Caravan for lunch.


I completely forgot to say that we brought our TV. Gunner fixed the antenna and they were able to watch Tour the France. All though it was in Italian they watched it every day.





Thursday (12th July) we went to Ponte de Veja a natural made cliff bridge and caves. It took for ever to get there by the mountain roads. Sean and Axel enjoyed themselves. It was a great place to play. At the parking area there was a small restaurant. We had a great Italian lunch along with a nice cold Lugano. The boys wanted to back to the caves and play some more.









When we came back we saw four mountain climbers getting ready for rappelling down the cliff. But it turned out they were climbing up the rope instead. 






Friday (13th July) we went with Anne-Lene and Gunner to Tommasiís again. We had tasted some of the wine we bought three days ago and we wanted to get some more of this lovely wine. This time we got a chance to see the wine cellar. The biggest barrels contained 15.000 litres of wine. When the wine is ready to be put on bottles it is pumped directly to the bottles and corked. Tommasi is able to make 4.000 bottles per hour. The steel tanks are used for white wine, Bardolino and Valpolicella and the oak casks are for Ripasso and Amarone wines. Ones again we got a cork screw when we bought the wine.









In the afternoon we went to the lake and enjoyed the sun. We had our dinner in Lazise.













Saturday (14th July) after a late breakfast John and the boys went to the Lake with Kim. It was their last day in Camping du Parc and they were leaving Sunday morning. We had invited them over for dinner. The boys had great fun playing on the computer. Kim bought his new shoes over so that we could se them.








































Sunday (15th July). Today the boys finally got a chance to go to Benacus. We were there for 4 hours and they spent all their money Ė every little Euro and cent Ė nothing was left. They had a great day. (Psst: Michael Rasmussen took the yellow jersey in the Tour today :-))








Most of the aktivities gave value cupons which you then feed into a machine who counted them and gave you a receipt. When you had collected enough cupons you would get a price. Sean and Axel got a small game of chess.



When they had spent all their money they went into the play area where a giant fish opened and closed its mouth.




Monday (16th July). Itís Johnís birthday today. We had brought some nice presents with us all the way to Italy. We went to the lake and enjoyed the sun I the morning. We started our packing in the afternoon. We had to try and get some of the wine in to our suitcases. Otherwise there would not be room enough in the car. And we did not want to leave anything behind J


We had a lovely dinner at the nice restaurant in Lazise. We all watched a dvd before we went to bed. Probably Terminater 2. The boys had just seen it for the first time and they loved it. They know most of the lines by heart now.







Tuesday (17th July). It is time to go home. We have had a great time in Lazise. The car is packed and we are ready to leave. Next stop Fulda, Germany.



We arrived in Fulda at approx. 17.00 just as planed. The traffic was fine hadly any "stau"!! We had stopped for lunch at a big petrol station where we had been before.

It is a great area where the boys can play. This year there was hardly any traffic. We had a lovely view when we had our lunch.



In Fulda it was very hot so we had our dinner outside. We stayed in the same hotel as we did on our way to Italy.





Wednesday (18th July) we moved on to Puttgarden and expected to be there at 15.00. And we did and as we had a reservation we quickly got on the ferry to Denmark. We arrived back in Birkeroed as planed at 18.00.




Thursday (19th July) we did an awful lot of washing. We had to get ready to go to se some friends in their summerhouse the next day.


Friday (20th July) we went to Sealands Odde by a small ferry. We waited 1Ĺ hours before we were able to get on the ferry.

While we waited the boys enjoyed watching monster cars.



The sunset that night was fantastic



The next day it was time to head back home. John had to get ready to go to work again Monday morning. That was the end of a lovely summer holiday 2007.

Next break is in October - 12 weeks away!!