Axel's 10th Birthday


On the 4th September 2008 we celebrated Axel's 10th birthday. We had breakfast together and Axel opened all his presents.

Mormor and morfar had come over from Jutland the day before.

Morfar is making pankages for Axel for breakfast

Axel is making sure he is good looking before he goes of to school

Am I all right?

Morfar is making a lot of pankages. Axel wants to take some of them in his lunchbox

Finally it is time to open the presents

Sean is ready to help Axel if he needs it

I wunder what is in this box?

Finally it is open and he is reading the card

It is a toy dog - hmm !! What happend to the real dog ?

A real dog is very hard to gift wrap. So he got a toy dog which he can swop to a real dog of his choise

Axel og Gitte having breakfast

Axel's birthday dinner is in our usual restaurant. They have put the flag on the table for Axel

John and Axel are waiting for their food


Mormor and Gitte

And finally the boys got their pancakes

They were having pankages for the second time that day

They tast great