Dina is comming home to Birkerød

On October the 25th it was finally time to pickup Dina. She was 8 weeks on the 21st of October 2008.



Axel is with Dina's mother - Molli

Dina in the kitchen where she was born just before we went to Birkeroed

Molli and Dina on the blanket we had left with them 2 weeks before.

The blanket would then smell of Dina's home so she woldn't feel so lonely on our way back to Birkeroed

Axel and Dina is taking a nap in the car.

We stopped every hour for Dina to pee and have a dring og water.

We arrived safely in Birkeroed where Axel gave Dina her first toy - the dog Baloo

They are both having a rest

She is so tiny...

Dina in her new basket

Dina on her third day in Birkeroed

Dina at Holoween - she has finally shown Baloo who is the boss....

Dina is now 10 weeks and she is enjoying the garden

Isn't she the prettiest dog in the world?

Dina with her giraff