Mid Term Break in October 2008

As per usual Sean and Axel had their mid term break in week 42 in October.

We had rented a summer house in a place called Grønhøj by the west coast in the nothern part of Jutland, Denmark.

It was a lovely area right next to the long sandy beach the west coast is so known for.


But before we went to Grønhøj we had to stop and visit Axel new dog - Dina. She was almost 7 weeks old at this stage.


Axel is holding Dina.

All Dina's brothers and sisters (8 in all) came out to play.

Isn't she lovely? She still has blue eyes.

Some of the puppies like Sean's shoelaces.

Axel wouldn't mind if we had more than one dog.....

And she is of....

Now they are out playing in the garden

Running around the huge tree...

We later went on to se if we could find our summerhouse. We did....

Later that night a hedgehog came to visit us.

Sean and Axel were very facinated with the hedgehog

The beaches at the west coast are long and wide and sandy.

Sean and Axel got a kite. John helped them set it up.

It took som practicing before they were able to keep the kite in the air.

It was cold and windy - great weather for kite flying

Sean is trying to sort out the line

And up the kite goes

Axel took his own photograph

And down again. John is on his way to set up the kite again

Sean and Axel are really enjoying themselves

On their way back to the house

There it is in the middle. Huge house with room for 10 people and to bathrooms

The following day the boys were of again to fly with the kite. They did that every day for a whole week.

One day we went sight seeing. We went to see Mårup Kirke (church). It was being taken down brick by brick in order to move it to another place.

The church is on the very edge of the cliff and is about to fall into the sea.

When the church was built in the 12th century there was app. 8 km to the sea.

To day all 8 km of land is gone - eaten by the ocean.

Some of the cemetary is still there. All though it is not very well kept.

The church is being carefully taken down

Brick by brick the man is removing the walls

There is not much left any more

A small part of the cemetary is well kept

Standing by the edge you can see how far down the sea is.

After that bit of sight seeing we went for lunch in Lønstup. Another small town by the sea.

Isn't he gorgeous.....

Next we went to see Rubjerg Knude Fyr. It is a light House that was built in 1900 and it is now almost covered in sand.

It was very windy that day so we had sand every where afterwards.

You see the light house in the backgroud almost covered in sand

On the top of all the sand

As you ca see we are very high up

There use to be two small houses next to the light house but they are burried in the sand.