Summer Holiday 2008 in ENØ, Denmark

The scond part of our Summer Holiday in 2008 we went to ENØ near Næstved in Denmark.

We had rented a summer house for 2 weeks. So it was to be just the four of us.


We arrived on Saturday the 12th July. The house wasn't big but it had what we needed in terms of 2 bedrooms, a nice bathroom, small kitchen and living room.

It was renovated in 2007 so every thing was fairly new and the garden was quite big. The sea was only 125 meters away and we had a lovely view from the terrasse.


The front og the house

The back of the house

Our sea view just behind the wheat field

Sean And Axel quickly made up a game with an old tent we had brought with us.

Nedless to say that the tent didn't last long

Sean and I in the small kitchen getting dinner ready the first night

The next day it was time to go for a swim

Axel was very eager to go but when he went into the water he found it was to cold for him. Sean and John on the other hand enjoyed it

And here he is......

The mens answaer to Ursula Andress (Dr. No.).... Coming out og the water like any other prince charming.

We went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant. John and I had a lovely menu. They took for ever to serve the food but it was worth the wait. While we were having our dinner Sean and Axel went for their first game of crazy golf.

On Tuesday we went to Bon Bon Land - an amusement park near by.

We got up early (7:30) because we wanted to get there before it got to crowded.

The first thing Axel wanted to try was Hurlumhajen (the shark) and he seemed to enjoy it.

After that we tryed tried the ducks (pedalboats) in the pond.

Sean and Axel tried the pirat path.

They climbed every thing they could find.

This is the Klaptorsk - (Haddock).

It is a huge swing

Sean and Axel had the Klaptorsk all to them selves.

Sean and Axel on the way down the huge slide called Rejen (the shrimp)

Interesting to see where the boat went ???

Two tired boys just before they sailed the seven seas.

John is doing his best to make a nice house with our cards.

And he is doing well


Wednesday 16th July 2008 - John's birthday. John had all his presents in the morning just as we all woke up.



We all went for a walk in to "town". It was only a 20 min. walk along the sea.

Sean and Axel wanted to go for their game of crazy golf.

Axel is getting ready for his putt

John is getting ready

And Sean is getting ready

Afterwards we had an ice creame

For dinner we went out to a lovely restaurant. John and Axel is waiting for their dinner.

Sean and I waiting to eat.

Cool dude


Friday 18th - Sunday 20th July


John and I went for a lovely walk to explore Enø.

The scenery in Enø is fantastic.

The sea on both sides as the island is very narrow.

Our close friends Ellen and John Conlan came to see us on the Friday and stayed the night.

After dinner Sean and Axel went for a swim again.

Sean was the first to get into the water

Sean loves to swim in the sea with the high wawes

Finally Axel was in

They are waiting for the wawes

On Saturday Bente and Sprolle came to see us.

After lunch is was time for Tour de France and Formel 1

Sean is in that wawe somewhere

The wawes were graeat that day

Axel is ready for the wawe

Sean is cought just under the wawe and Axel is watching



After a relaxing Monday where we had a great meal in yeat another restaurant we went to see Gavnø Castle the next day.


Gavnø Castle.

The castle is situated on a small island.

The castle is a cast solid rococo castle and contains a great collection of antiquities represented in the beautiful firnished halls and rooms.

And you have to cross a small bridge to get to it.

In the south end of the Castle Garden is the Land of Pirates.

Sean and Axel quickly liked it.

There were many different things to try.

Castle Garden.

Gavnø Castle Garden is a beautiful garden with more than 500,000 flower bulbs, a romatic rose garden with a unique rose maze, Sensory Garden and rare sorts of plantation and trees.

Axel, Sean and John in the rose maze

Lovely Canna

Water fountain surrounded by roses.

The Capel in the Castle is from the 1400s is the most colourful church room of Scandinavia with fantastic carving works.

John, Sean and Axel outside the chapel

The house of Butterflies.


There are about 600 exotic butterflies flying around in the tropical climate among vigorous plants.

Fantastic blue butterflie

Then it was time for a rest.

After a nice lunch it was great to relax with a cold bear.



One night after we had our dinner a hare stopped in the garden. It stayed there for quite a while.

Axel wanted to have his picture taken with the hare.

And the Sean too of course

The next day we had dinner "in town". It was a lovely day.

Sean and Axel are eating pancakes.

Unfortunately Axel lost the rest of his pancake in the water.

On thursday we went to visit a fleemarket.

Sean and Axel got new neckleses

The small bridge to Enø had the head fo a bug on one side.

Back home in Birkerød. The hydrenias were very beautiful.