Summer Holiday 2008 in Oure, Denmark

For our summer holiday this year we had decieded not go to Italy as we had done for the past 5 years.

In stead we wanted to do something different. The first week we spent on a sports College in Denmark.

It was great fun but it was hard because we had to get up early every morning.


We arrived on Sunday 29 th June. It was a lovely sunny day.

Sean and Axel had their new Quicksilver clothes on.

Monday morning at 7.30 we had our breakfast and at 8.30 we went to a meeting to get information about the day to come.

After the meeting we all went to out for our morning warm up excercises.

At the morning meeting some of the instructors are performing three little pigs

Sean and Axel are paying attention.

At 10 o'clock the boys went of to their aktivities and the adults had to do a role play.

This are our instructors

Before lunch we had time to relax.

And enjoy a cup of tea

The houses had 4 rooms with 4 beds in each room. There were 2 bathrooms to share between 16 people.

Axel and Axel are waiting for their instructor.

And Sean is waiting for his instructor.

After our afternoon classes the boys went swimming.

Axel is jumping into the water.

Now Sean is jumping from 3 meters up.

Sean is in the air

Axel is air born

Axel again

Sean and Axel got a new friend - Mads.

They are trying to pull him into the water

Finally at 18.15 it was time for our dinner.

On Tuesday the program was the same and it was like that Wednesday and Friday but the activities were different.

Tuesday evening there was bingo for the children and Sean won a bag of crisps. We used them as money when we played Chase the Ace.



John and Gitte

Sean, Axel and Mads in our room.

Thursday we were to go on a bus trip with every one else. But we decided we neded some time on our own and we to see Egeskov Castle. The boys loved it

The flowers were beautiful

The lavenders were all over the garden.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle

We went Tree Top Walking.

Gitte is not enjoying this

John is having a great time

A view from the tree top

A swallows nest. The swallows were every where.

This is just outside the big Maze by Piet Hein.

John and I had a hard time finding our way into the center.

Sean and Axel got here in no time.

Sean is trying to find us.

A fighter plane.

And old Triumph motorcycle

A Harley Davidson with sidecar

Harley Davidson




Renault C4


My dream car - Fiat 500

Then it was time for a spin in an veteran car.

John and Axel on the swings

Madam Blue