Visit to Ireland 2008

On 26th September 2008 we went to Malahide for the weekend. We hadn't been there for so long.

Sean and Axel got of from school Friday and the following Monday. They liked that.

It was Damiens birthday that day.


As I said it was Damiens birthday. Maisie had made him a lovely biscuit/chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate.

The cake tasted lovely.

For dinner the cousins Ciaran, Asling, Fiona, Axel and Sean had pizza.

Sean had a carrot

Later on they played football i Grannys garden. The ball went in to the tree and Asling went up in the tree to get it.

That was a tiring game. They are all chilling out in front of the TV.

The next day Mike came over with his car. Sean and Axel washed his car.

And wiped it.

That was hard work.

You mised something - said Axel

Axel is dressed up to go to the Lee's. The adults are going out for dinner.

Granny on the phone.

Axel in his new motorcycle jacket and Granny on the phone again.

Sean in his new jacket

Maisie and John enjoying the sun in Joanne and Daimiens garden

John and Gitte in Joanne's garden

It is a very big garden,

This is just some of it

Maisie and John just before we went out for dinner.

Paul and Maisie

Paula and Gitte

Maisie and Daimien

Joanne and John

Blaithnaid and Michael

The lads - John, Michael and Paul D'Arcy

Maisie, Daimien and Joanne.

Paul and Conor

Maisie and all her granchildren.

Ciaran, Asling, Fiona, Sean, Axel, Conor.



It was a great trip to Malahide. Great to see every one again. Hope to be back soon.