Visit to Jutland 2008

Even though our summer holiday was over Sean and Axel still har 2 weeks to go before they were back in school again.

So Sean Axel and I went to se mormor and morfar in Jutland. John had to work so he stayed at home in Birkerød.


We left Birkerød Wednesday morning on the 30th July. It was a long drive. We were about 5 hours getting there.


Axel out on Sean's wawe board

The weather was very warm and we had our dinner on the balkony in mormor and morfars appartment.

They have a lovely view overlooking the mairna

Thursday afternoon we went to see my brother Peter and Karin and their new house.

It was still very warm and Peter had a small pool ready for the boys.

Karin and Peter

Cusin Martin is 16 and Axel is 10

Martin, Sean and Axel

Andreas and Karin

Peter and Camilla. She is very shy and does not want her photo taken.


I left mormor and morfar Friday morning but Sean and Axel wanted to stay until Sunday and go on their own home by plane.

They were really looking forward to this.